Dolls & Party's and Wishlist's V.I.P.

Eight lucky winners will have the chance of becoming our treasured V.I.P! It is as easy as... getting one of the Eight V.I.P ticket!

How do I get the ticket?

The six Wishlist's V.I.P. tickets will be rewarded to the finalists of the Best Owner Games. That is, all selected participants from Nina, Lila and Clover Teams that won't make it to the final roud.

Two Extra V.I.P tickets: Dolls & Party Lila's V.I.P ticket and Dolls & Party Nina's V.I.P ticket will be available in the Doll Raffle.

GOT MY TICKET! But… What are they for?

V.I.P. Tickets have two properties. One, that they all share, is that they let you stay inside the event venue after it closes its doors to the public.

The other property is that, stunningly, when used in the correct place and time they turn into money for you to spend! But what is this wizardry?

Here is the list of the V.I.P tickets and they money correspondence:
V.I.P. Blue Ticket: Spend 50 euros in Wishlist stand once doors are closed to the public.
V.I.P Silver Ticket: Spend 50 euros on Sponsor stands in the Lila exhibitor area once doors are closed to public. The sponsor list will be given to the winner.
V.I.P Golden Ticket: Spend 120 euros on Sponsor stands in the Nina exhibitor area once doors are closed to public. The sponsor list will be given to the winner. They say he who holds the golden ticket will tame the fearful golden dragon…

Some more rules.

The winner of a V.I.P. ticket must be able to stay after the Dolls & Party.
V.I.P. Tickets can be transferred to a friend. But you must let the Dolls & Party know by letting us know on the information stand.

The maximum amount one can spend with the ticket is specified on it. If the winner wishes to spend more, they can add the money themselves.

V.I.P.'s must be in the Dolls & Party information stand by 19:25.

IMPORTANT: In the case the same person wins both the Golden (+Dragalio) and Silver ticket, will have to choose between them and another winner will be picked.

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