The Best Doll Owner Games

This July 2015...

A contest EVERYONE can join. Games that will prove your abilities and your love for Dolls & Party. Will you dare to participate and be crowned...

The Best Doll Owner.

Video from Best Doll Owner 2014 Edition 

What is The Best Doll Owner Game?

A fun contest full of silly games our brave visitors are encouraged to take in. Any visitor can try to participate by registering any time during the morning at the Dolls&Party Information Stand and being present at the time of the contest (15:30) in the contestant’s area. A selection test will be played to select the lucky participants.

We ask to lasts year winners to abstain from participating in order to give other visitors more chances.

This year nine participants will be selected, and compete against each other in three different contests. The winners of each group will face each other at the final test...
0. Selection Test 
1. Group Lila 
2. Group Nina 
3. Group Clover
4. Final Game

The details of each game will not be revealed until the Dolls & Party 2015. No special training or knowledge is needed, the game is designed in a way anyone can win.

If there are draws we will proceed to question rounds… be sure you know the Best Doll Owner sponsors: Aileendoll, Wish-List, Dollheart and Youko’s Lair.

What are the Prizes?

Here are the prizes gracefully sponsored by Aileendoll with the collaboration of Wish-List, Dollheart and Yourko’s Lair:
1st Prize: Dragon Wolf (Dragon Snow Seed) (Aileendoll & Youko’s Lair)
2nd Prize: Dark Red (Human Reina) (Aileendoll, DollHeart & Youko’s Lair)
3rd Prize: Sweet Red (Human Luna) (Aileendoll, DollHeart & Youko’s Lair)
4rth Prize: Blue V.I.P. Ticket (Wish-List)
5th Prize: Blue V.I.P. Ticket (Wish-List)
6th Prize: Blue V.I.P. Ticket (Wish-List)
7th Prize: Blue V.I.P. Ticket (Wish-List)
8th Prize: Blue V.I.P. Ticket (Wish-List)
9th Prize: Blue V.I.P. Ticket (Wish-List)

The V.I.P. order will be decided by luck draw. V.I.P Must be able to stay until the end of the Dolls & Party. V.I.P. tickets can be transferred to a friend, but you must let the Dolls & Party staff know after the Best Doll Owner Game.

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