Nina is the Dolls & Party mascot, takin a resin form by an Aileendoll Camellia BJD.But Nina is much more than just a mascot.

Nina is the hero of her own story: A story about a girl who, thanks to the magic of the Dragons, gets incredible powers to fight an evil witch. At night, when Nina closes her eyes, she is transported to magical worlds, where he meets Miaow and Nye, the magical cats. Together they save the inhabitants from the black magic and learn the meaning of important words like friendship, courage and justice.

Is the argument familiar to you? You have certainly read many similar stories.
But when Nina opens her eyes in the morning ... this is where our story takes an unexpected turn.

Nina does not wake up to the smell of toast that her mother is cooking for breakfast. Neither she has to dress in a hurry to go to school. Nina wakes up to the sounds of the monitors next to her bed and the spets of the nurses down the hall.

Nina has cancer, leukemia; and lives in the hospital. A few months ago, because of chemotherapy, she lost all her hair. But that will not stop her. Nina is like any othergirl of her age, and she is willing to live life, have fun and play. Defeat the evil witch.

And defeat the cancer.

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