Lollipop Game

Our most ultra-secret game. Our Chibi Dolls & Party attendants were our "Beta Testers"

So, you want to play? 
My name is Clover and I will be the Host of 
the Lollipop Game at Dolls & Party!

How does it work?

The Lollipop game is very simple! You will be presented with a lot of Lollipops. Choose one. Choose carefully and unstick it off the base. Now check the stick. If it is painted… You have a prize!

Do you want more?

You can get Lucky Clovers! Lucky Clovers will be given to you when you purchase 25 euros from any of our exhibitors (Dolls & Party and events not included).

Sweet Tooth rule: You get to keep your non-prized lollipops! Enjoy them!

What if a Prize is not won by anyone?

For those Prizes that after the Dolls & Party still stay with us do not fret, as they will become available again for the Chibi Dolls & party this Autumn.

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