Take part in our most popular raffle and take home one of our Sponsor dolls that will be exhibited in Dolls & Party 2015!

How does it work?

In the Doll Raffle booth you can purchase ballots to enter the Raffle.

The ballots have two parts, both already numbered. The small part is to be inserted into the box of the doll you want. The largest part is the receipt that must be saved and will be asked for if you are the winner.

The draw will take place at 17:30 on the stage. The winning ballot tiquets will be drawn from the boxes and the numbers will be called. Winners have one minute to get to the stage with the winner ballot. If the winner does not appear, another will be selected.

FREE ballots:

All visitors have one free draw ballot included with admission. Come into the Doll Raffle booth to aks for it.

All exhibitors have one free ballot drawing included with the entrance, which will be presented during the stand montage.

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