Comparison Heaven

Have you ever wondered how certain doll bodies really look like? What height and shape they are and how they would look compared to your dolls? What dolls could fit to be your next doll family member?

You can use Comparison Heaven to help you!

And Comparison Heaven also needs your help. You can help us in this rare chance by bringing your doll to be photographed to the Comparison Heaven stand in Dolls & Party!

It will take only couple of minutes of your time, but your help will be invaluable. It will help everyone that is using Comparison Heaven in the future and you will get to see your own doll in comparison.

Notice though, that because this is a body comparison, dolls need to be unclothed and without a wig so we get the best results for comparisons. And, please, change flat feet for your doll so it can stand.

Here is a list of dolls that I have already, so if you don't see the doll that you own in the list,or you have one that should be photographed again, bring it to me to be photographed!

Click to the banner for more information:

 photo COMPRAR_zpsd11cf54b.png