The characters of the Fairy Tales world have escaped from their homeworld after the Wicked Witch Lila destroyed their homes! 

Help them find a new home, adopt them! All profits from its sale will go to charity!

How does it work:

The sales will take place at the Information booth of Dolls & Party. The dolls will be on display next to it (*). Each doll will be accompanied by a sign with their specifications and price. The dolls will be sold in a "first come, first buy" condition. A receipt proof of payment will be delivered and the buyer data will be taken. The buyer can then to pick up the doll from 15:30 to 19:25. Buyers who purchase their dolls past 15:30 can take them with them, or can be asked to come back in some time in order to give the staff time to prepare the doll (undressing, boxing...). We ask for your understanding in this matter.

Payments will be accepted in cash throughout the day. Payments with Paypal will be accepted from 12:00 to 19:00. Sorry, we can not accept credit card.

We remind everyone that sales in all the event don't start until the public doors are open.

(*)The Aileendoll Sponsor dolls of  "Dragon Cloud" will be in the Aileendoll Nina exhibitor booth, their purchase will be made in that same stand, with the same rules described above.

Limits for Aileendoll Violet Pico Dragon.

Due to a high demand expected, there is a limit on how many Violet Pico Dragon sponsor dolls can be purchased. This limit only applies to this particular doll. We repeat. One baby dragon per person.

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